Cindy D’Andrea

IMG_7582v3_CROPYour needs are important to me. Helping you accomplish your health and fitness goals has been my primary focus for over 25 years. With me, you will get an educated and focused coach and trainer who has an understanding and knowledge about specific injuries, imbalances and other physical challenges. I also work with other professionals to ensure you are getting the maximum treatment and expertise to address your issues.

My prominent focus is technique and form because, without it, you will just have more of the challenges you faced before you came to see me. My goal is to be sensitive and motivating without being intimidating.

I appreciate that you may just be getting started on your health and fitness. Whether you are 20-years-old or 75-years-young, we work with you at any stage of your training. Personality and a sense of humor are an essential part of our workouts together, so be prepared to have fun as well! I want you to feel as if you have really accomplished something after each workout. With hard work and consistency, you will see positive changes in your body and your life.  

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One-on-One Private Training (Yoga, Aqua, Personal Training)

Each client is treated as a unique personality with a  specific set of needs and goals. There are no cookie-cutter workouts with Cindy!  By incorporating techniques from strength and conditioning, core and balance therapy, yoga, aqua exercise, and sports training, Cindy develops a program that will guarantee your success.

Here’s how it works:

There is an initial assessment and consultation, where we discuss your past experiences, health issues, and goals. Through specific testing protocols, we determine your strength, endurance, flexibility and any imbalances you may have in your body.

Based on the fitness assessment and your goals, Cindy designs a customized program for you.  This can include weight reduction, core and balance training,  cardiovascular endurance, strength and conditioning and flexibility training. You may also want to  increase your energy and stamina, improve sleep habits and eating patterns, or be able keep up with your children and grandchildren.

One-on-One private training is a very personalized way to exercise. If you have special requests, are recovering from an injury, or don’t have the time or discipline to work out on your own, private training is for you!

Semi-Private Training (2-3 participants)

Semi-Private training offers a similar approach to private training, and is more cost effective. The workout is personalized to the participants, and you still receive specialized attention. It is fun, social and a great way to incorporate the buddy system by inviting a friend to share your workouts and support each other’s goals.


Aqua Aerobics


Aqua Aerobics can be done at a private pool, condo, apartment, or country club. The benefits of aqua aerobics are endless. First, there is little or no gravity when working in the water. This means less impact on your joints and muscles, great for those with injuries or limitations. As a cardiovascular exercise, aqua aerobics can burn from 500 to 700 calories in one hour. Finally, the water provides viscosity and resistance. This is extremely beneficial for gaining strength, flexibility and a solid core. The use of equipment is recommended for increased resistance or flotation in the deep water, and foot support in the shallow water. Overall, aqua aerobics is an invigorating way to get in shape, lose weight, add variety to your workouts, and gain core strength and flexibility.


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Dear Cindy,

I want to thank you for the enormous difference you made in my life. When I came to you, I had never succeeded in exercising over a continuous period of time. Though I participated in some exercises, bicycling and martial arts, I was constantly getting minor injuries that kept me from sustaining those activities. A lifetime of non-athleticism did not give me the muscle strength I needed to really master a sport. I didn’t even realize how my weak muscles were diminishing my enjoyment of life.

After I started working out with you, in a short time, I had increased my strength level in a way that really changed my perception of myself. Where I had been a ‘girly girl’ who would never pick up a suitcase or move a chair, I became the person who could carry all the suitcases, move the table, and bring in eight bags of groceries looped over one arm. I love not having to be helped by the grocery boy!

It got hard to find other women who could keep up with me on my bike. Several men would not ride with me a second time because it was too hard for them. Hah! That was fun.

In addition, the strength training we did, over time diminished and eventually ended the chronic lower back pain I had been unable to get under control with physical therapy or chiropractic treatment. If this result had been the only improvement I got from our work together, it would have been huge and worth all the time and sweat.

When at age 47, I became interested in photojournalism, I knew I could carry the 20 pounds of camera gear I would have to carry every day to do that job. Something I absolutely could not have done at age 41, before I met you. Thanks especially for literally giving me the strength I needed to pursue something I love doing. My top fitness goal now is to stay strong and mobile enough to keep moving with the camera bags.

But, all this would not have happened without your unique ability to be there fresh and aware every single day. Paying attention over months and years to the changing needs of my body and mind. Constantly challenging yourself to challenge me. Bringing new ideas and creative answers to the various body issues that arose over time. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and perseverance, two old-fashioned values that are much needed in our scattered and frenzied world and lives.

Thanks for all the time chatting and gabbing through every workout and for sharing your passions and interests with me while listening to more than your share of bitching and moaning from me. That’s what really got me through all those reps..girltalk.

Finally, thank you for the large part you played helping me reach my physical goals, because it reminded me twice a week of what it takes to reach any goal: consistency and excellent guidance.

With love and awe,

Cynthia Perry


Triple Transplant Recipient

I have been a client of Cindy’s for 20 years. Over those 20 years, I have had many health challenges and I can tell you that my training with Cindy has helped me overcome and manage many of those health obstacles. I have seen my overall strength increase and have recently been given a supreme report from my doctor with regard to my overall bone density. I attribute this success to my commitment to working out with Cindy and her approach to my individual needs. Cindy continues to educate herself constantly and then applies the new information to the workouts where she sees fit. Cindy is not one to follow fads or trends, but uses her vast knowledge and education to differentiate what is truly best for each of her clients. I highly recommend Cindy as a trainer for anyone who wants to improve their well being, no matter their age or their fitness level.



I am a 54-year-old Chiropractor. Five years ago my severely arthritic knees were limiting my activities, and my orthopedist was considering knee joint replacements for both knees. I had trouble walking more than a block. I tried pool physical therapy and it greatly reduced my pain and inflammation, but my legs were weak and I needed to strengthen them without aggravating the arthritis again.

I started taking Cindy’s pool aerobics class. It was much more vigorous than the therapy had been, and at first I had a hard time keeping pace, doing the jumps, and lasting a whole hour without slowing down.

The class not only is an aerobic workout, it is a strength and conditioning workout for the whole body. My arms, core, and my legs have all gotten significantly stronger.

I can now enjoy other activities like hiking and yoga without aggravating my knees because of the strength I have gained. Cindy class is fun and she keeps you working hard the whole hour. She is always changing the routine and adding coordination challenges just to keep us focused.

Cindy has kept me working hard for four years now, and those knee joint replacements are now off my schedule.



Are you looking for a trainer that uses a cookie cutter approach, doesn’t understand the relationship between exercise workouts and the anatomy of your body, pushes you dangerously beyond your limits, has a mediocre personality and is not the brightest light on the block?  If so then Cindy is not for you!

Cindy is intelligent, incorporates physical therapy into your physical training, customizes a training regimen based solely on your needs that evolves as you make progress, and pays meticulous attention during your workouts to ensure that you are pushing yourself to your limits without ever pushing beyond those limits.

All this, and she’s a good person to boot.

I’ve been training with Cindy once or twice a week for nearly a year. I’ve always been in decent cardiovascular shape, playing basketball and tennis, biking and running, and using various indoor cardiovascular machines. So what’s the problem you ask? You really don’t want to know but aging is part of it. While l have a great heart (I’m not complaining mind you), I ignored systematic development of other parts of my body. I had a severely strained shoulder from an inability to access muscles in my shoulder blades and back, my core needed strengthening, my leg muscles needed stretching, my upper body needed developing, my posture sucked (a technical term) and while I didn’t know it at the time I started training my body was out of alignment and my balance needed improvement.

At the start of training I had the following goals: full range of motion and a pain free shoulder, strengthened core, and improved flexibility and balance.  Today my shoulder is pain free and I have full range of motion, my core is strengthened without having done one stomach crunch. I’m able to touch the floor when previously it was an accomplishment if I got within a cheating 6 inches of my toes, I can sit on the floor cross-legged for up to 10 minutes when previously 60 seconds seemed like 6 hours, I’ve added modest muscle to my arms and chest, and I look taller because of improved posture. Both my balance and body alignment are improved.

Best of all I’ve been able to incorporate many of the techniques I’ve learned from Cindy into my workouts at home. I highly recommend her.



Yoga Instructor, Tennis pro

Cindy is by far the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with.  I came to her with pain in my lower back due to a degenerating disc. I also had a “frozen” shoulder or impingement. I thought my body was falling apart and I was doomed to the aging process.  She performed a thorough evaluation to determine where my bodily weaknesses were and then designed a workout tailored to build strength where I needed it. The work I did with Cindy not only eliminated the pain, but gave me a deeper understanding of my body and what I need to do to stay in alignment and remain pain free.


SUZANNE ECKHARDT, 60 years young
17 plus years taking Cindy’s water aerobics class 

I have benefitted from Cindy’s water class in many ways.  I have been able get a good workout during the hot summer months and not spend any time in the hot gym.  I have gained core strength and lost weight every summer I have taken the class. I have had several knee injuries from running and tennis.  Cindy’s class has allowed me to work out without further injury to my joints.  I have taken other water aerobics classes and can only say that Cindy’s class is not your mother’s aerobics class.  She gives us a complete vigorous work out and I know I sweat during this class. At the end of a long day at work I really don’t want to work out but feel so much better after I take Cindy’s water aerobics class.  Thank you Cindy for the years of great summer workouts.


Retired CPA

Cindy D’Andrea is a terrific tennis teacher for my grandchildren, Gus, age 8,and Sol, age 5. She started with Gus about 1-½ years ago, doing weekly sessions. Within a short period of time, he was able to hit about 40 balls in a row over the net, several with good speed.

Gus enjoys his own success when he performs and his success encourages him to enjoy the game. I attribute much of his success to Cindy, who is a passionate tennis player, extremely positive, patient, encouraging and a top-notch teacher.

More recently, Gus’s brother, Sol, age 5, joined his brother’s sessions. Both of them take turns for an hour. At the end of each session with Cindy, we play a short game of doubles with Gus , Sol , Cindy and me.

Cindy is especially patient, complementary and playful with the boys, and I appreciate the time I get to spend with my grandchildren.



I’ve been taking water aerobics classes with Cindy on and off for more than 12 years.  Her class offers a great workout that strengthens, stretches, tones and improves cardiovascular strength. She is an enthusiastic and diligent teacher who does a good job of staying current with new findings about exercise.  I particularly like Cindy’s classes because they provide a terrific workout that is safe for my bad back, but I would highly recommend her classes to anyone.


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